Altitude at Magna Park Milton Keynes

Gallagher Logistics Park

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At 574,258 sq ft (53,350 sq m) it’s the largest and tallest spec-build warehouse in the UK.

A cutting-edge logistics facility with increased mezzanine, rack height and number of pallet positions at no extra cost to the customer.

A powerful distribution tool with double-dock loading doors in every position, at a ratio of one door per 4,500sqft, saving time, financial and environmental cost to occupiers.

Sustainability comes as standard in our buildings, but the changes we are introducing will allow a customer to save up to 1,300,000kg of CO2 per annum.

Designed to the WELL Standard, we aim to make the building a healthier and more productive space for its occupants.

Altitude brings innovation, technology, efficiency, sustainability and intelligent logistical thinking together all in one place, to create a building that surpasses the expectations of any end occupier.

Site Plan

Warehouse 532,560 sq ft (46,476 sq m)
Main Office 26,802 sq ft (2,490 sq m)
North Pod 7, 233 sq ft (672 sq m)
South Pod 7, 233 sq ft (672 sq m)
2 Gatehouses 430 sq ft (40 sqm)
HGV Parking* 100 (exc. loading)
Car Parking 381 (inc. disabled)
Clear Height 21m
Dock Levellers 117
Dock Wall Height 1.2m
Level Access Doors 8
Site Area 26.26 ac (10.63ha)

Area 1

Warehouse 284,385 sq ft (26,420 sq m)
Main Office 26,802 sq ft (2,490 sq m)
North Pod Office 7,233 sq ft (672 sq m)
Gatehouse 2 215 sq ft 20 sq m
HGV Parking 10 (exc. loading)
Car Parking 289 (inc. disabled)
Dock Levellers 60 (inc. 6 D decked)
Level Access Doors 4

Area 2

Warehouse 247,281 sq ft 22,973 sq m
South Pod Office 7,233 sq ft 672 sq m
Gatehouse 1 215 sq ft 20 sq m
HGV Parking 42 (exc. loading)
Car Parking 346 (inc. disabled)
Dock Levellers 56 (inc. 6 D decked)
Level Access Doors 4




Milton Keynes
MK17 8EW
United Kingdom

Destination Miles
M1 J13 3
M1 J14 4
M25 36
Central London 50
Birmingham 71
Leeds 148
Manchester 153
Destination Miles
Luton Airport 20
Heathrow Airport 49
Stansted Airport 68
Gatwick Airport 86
London Gateway Port 78
Southampton Port 114
Felixstowe Port 110


Gazeley Altitude

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GLP Altitude

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Contact Information

Joe Garwood

+44 (0)20 7901 4464

Toby Green

+44 (0)20 7409 9903

Richard Evans

+44 (0)20 7399 5223

Ed Cole

+ (0)20 73995387

Jack Booth

+44 (0)20 74098121


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