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The Importance of Bees

Try and imagine a world without bees. Many plants rely on the pollination from bees, and there is no alternative. This would have an effect on everything. If we were to take a look at how it would affect the human diet, we only need look at cattle. Cows, for example, are herbivores that rely on certain plant species to survive, and these species are pollinated by bees. Just like anything, should the cow’s food supply start to dwindle, the knock-on effect is that our source of beef and milk supplies would drastically decrease too.

Sustainability / Biodiversity

Welcome to our sustainable corridor within Magna Park, Milton Keynes.

In the last 12 months, we have undertaken the task of installing an apiary, a small plantation of woodland, as well as preparing the land surrounding the apiary by sowing a wildflower meadow. This is all in aid of supporting the growth of a sustainable ecosystem, where the British honeybee can not only live, but thrive in.

We’re really excited to keep you updated with more images of this field as the wildflowers start to grow.

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