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At our recent Agent Forum event in London, we spoke about our pioneering approach to sustainable development and the roadmap we are setting out for 2020 and beyond.
Learn about our targets and approach to achieve them here:

#greengazeley #sustainability

Gazeley - Sustainability Promo

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.

Watch our update on UK available space and sites, presented at our inaugural UK Agent Forum 2019, where we welcomed over 80 leading industrial/logistics property agents.

Any questions? Contact us on

#gazeley #warehouse #logisticsuk

UK Portfolio Film

UK Portfolio Film

Gazeley are proud to be taking part in the #BigClimateFightback initiative by the #Woodlandtrust. As part of this we met onsite and planted 100 new trees at our development #GParkDoncaster. Click to view the images

#BigClimateFightback #sustainability

Logistics experts discuss market perspectives for Italy with Roberto Piterà - MRICS at the opening of the Gazeley Italy office in Milan.

Meet the team -

#logisticsitaly #logistics #gazeley #logisticsrealestate #wearegazeley #warehouse

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